Class and its effects on learning

Model: Schön’s Frame/reframe model

Question: How have these notions of class helped you to understand some of your previous placements (frame / reframe those situations)?

Situation from my initial perspective:

I found the information discussed in week 6 to be value and highly relevant to my teaching practices. It highlighted that the school context is not exempt from the effects of ‘class’. It explained the different class types and how they impact education and student learning within schools. Furthermore, by completing the reading from this week I was also able to gain a greater understanding about the what the children within each of the different ‘classed’ schools value.

When reflecting on previous placements, in schools that comprise of students from varying class types, it is evident that students from similar class types (and backgrounds) associate with one another. For example, students from a higher socio-economic background that understood the social expectations of the school environment often separated themselves away from the students associated with a lower-socio economic background during lunch hours and classroom activities.

The reframed situation:

This week’s information exemplified my ignorance towards this topic. Previously I would not have considered the effects the ‘class’ system has on student outcomes. Before this course, I was aware that economic status played a part in a student’s achievement but, was uninformed about ‘cultural capital’ and the impact it has on a student’s engagement within learning. To further illustrate my ambivalence towards the concept of ‘class’ I had not considered the impact my own ‘social’ standing and my ascribed identity has on my teaching practices and interactions with students. As an educator is it essential to not stereotype these students or discriminate them in any way. By engaging in this reflection, I now understand the importance of providing equal opportunities for all students no matter of their socio-economic background or ‘cultural capital’.  In my future practices I will strive to create an learning environment that is supportive of all students as I believe every child should have the right to an opportunity to succeed.


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