Where to start

So for the last three weeks I have been developing lesson plans that are supposed incorporate ICT. The idea is that as teachers we have to understand how different resources are able to transform a student’s learning experience. However, what happens when 80% of the students being taught don’t speak English, 50% of those have never really had the opportunity to engage with ICTs of any form and the school itself has limited resources available. What then? Well, I will tell you what then… You wing it. You start at the end and work your way forwards. You look at who you are teaching and how you can create a lesson that is more engaging and interactive, one in which they take control of their own knowledge and understanding of the concept being taught. In my case it was about demonstrating how a skill should be performed and providing them with the opportunity and tools to analyse areas that they can improve their technique so that the next time they perform the skill, it is bigger and better than before.

If you are wanting more insight into other students prac¬†experiences why not read Maggie’s blog.


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