Assignments will be the death of me

So now that I have finished prac I am able to refocus on completing the rest of my assessment pieces and I am not going to lie this does not please me one bit. The assignments that I have left are tedious at best, they have little relevance to the subject content and have absolutely worth to me as a pre-service teacher. There have been many times this semester when I have thought that it would be easier to just give up rather than carrying on and finishing my degree. Then I stop and think about all the hard work that I have already put in, all the tears that I have cried, all the lessons that I have created, lectures that I have attended and I think stuff it I am so close to the end that it is more effort to stop than it is to finish. Fingers crossed that I can actually finish all the assignments that I have left. I know that Anna has some interesting ideas about other factors to do with studying education.


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